terça-feira, 2 de outubro de 2007

Pierre Reverdy


I have lost the secret given me
I no longer know anything

For a moment I believed that that could go
Nothing remains any longer
This is a man without feet who wishes to run
A woman with no head who would like to talk
A child with hardly any eyes only for crying

However I have seen you depart
You were already distant
A trumpet sounded
A mob shouted
And you, you did not turn around

We have a long road to follow, step by step
We will walk it together

I detest your smiling face
The hand that you extend to me
And your sucked in stomach so old
You are just like me

On my return I did not receive anything
No one gives me anything
All is spent

A useless piece of decoration
In the night

(Pierre Reverdy, traduzido por Tom Hibbard)

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Nome de quem? disse...

You give me your world... your words... your toughts. "No one gives me anything." Why do you give? And I ask to my myself: Does he relly want to receive?