sábado, 20 de outubro de 2007

Susan Sontag

“We know more than we can use. Look at all this stuff I’ve got in my head: rockets and Venetian churches, David Bowie and Diderot, nuoc mam and Big Macs, sunglasses and orgasms. How many newspapers and magazines do your read? For me, they’re what candy or Quaaludes or scream therapy are for my neighbors. I get my daily ration from the bilious Lincoln Brigade veteran who runs a tobacco shop on 110th Street, not from the blind news agent in the wooden pillbox on Broadway, who’s nearer my apartment.
And we don’t know nearly enough.”

( Susan Sontag, “Debriefing” )

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And that's why 0,001% of the world population creates to the others 99,999% enjoy it.